Alfred Brendel Lectures 2: Musical Character(s) as exemplified in Beethoven's Piano Sonatas

09.03.2018 | 05:30

Alfred Brendel, one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century, has, over the years, written highly original musical essays. Now retired from public performance, he is presenting some of his most acclaimed written work in the form of lectures. In three sessions specially presented for the camera Brendel takes his listeners on a journey of discovery behind the notes and into the mysteries of the musical world. Immediately putting his public at ease, he captures its attention with a wealth of musical examples which he performs at the piano to illustrate his talks. Brendel fascinates each and every listener with his crystal-clear mind, vast musical knowledge, dry wit, and verbal elegance.

Alfred Brendel (Klavier)
Video Director:
Mark Kidel
Country, year of production:
A, 2010
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