Rudolf Buchbinder - Beethoven Cycle, Evening I

From the Salzburg Festival

14.02.2018 | 07:50

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): Piano Sonatas in F minor, Op. 2/1 - in G major, Op. 14/2 - in E flat major, Op. 27/1 "Quasi una fantasia" - in D minor, Op. 31/2 "The Tempest" - in E flat major, Op. 31/3 "The Hunt". Rudolf Buchbinder, piano. Recorded at the Salzburg Festival in the Mozarteum. "When one giant crowns the other", reported the Vienna "Kurier" enthusiastically. Beethoven's opus of 32 piano sonatas, sometimes called "the New Testament of piano music", is a landmark in piano literature. Spanning Beethoven's entire life, the sonatas reflect his whole development both as human being and as musician, moving from one century into the next, from one epoch in music into another. Austrian pianist Rudolf Buchbinder has spent his life contemplating Beethoven's inexhaustible oeuvre and "has set new standards in the interpretation of Beethoven's works" emphasizes the German radio BR. His performance is "that of a real master, effortless changing between lightning fast, technically challenging moments and tender lyrical passages. Where others can pride themselves in getting through without any accidents, Buchbinder is a poet, precise in every arpeggio touching in every keystroke" (Kurier).

Rudolf Buchbinder (Klavier)
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Frédéric Delesques
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A, 2014
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