Mahler, Symphony No. 9 in D major

from the Santa Cecilia Hall in Rome

03.01.2018 | 22:25

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911): Symphony No. 9 in D major. Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, conductor: Claudio Abbado. Concert recording from the Santa Cecilia Hall in Rome. Claudio Abbado (1930-2014) was one of the leading conductors of his time; especially his Mahler performances always fascinated the audience. "His concerts were life-changing events for anyone lucky enough to hear them" (The Guardian). The Austrian composer and conductor Gustav Mahler led the traditional symphonic genre into the 20th century. His works are today part of the standard repertoire of every major orchestra. The colossal Ninth Symphony is considered as the culmination of Mahler's works.

Claudio Abbado
Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra
Video Director:
Bob Coles
Country, year of production:
D, 2004
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