Legato - World of the Piano: Boris Berezovsky

Medtner - Llywelyn - Beethoven - Godowsky - Liadov

14.11.2017 | 20:00

We live in the renaissance of the piano. Musicians with a passion for virtuosity and a willingness to expand their repertoire have made the piano popular again. In addition to the usual classics they perform formerly scorned works or they discover neglected composers. LEGATO is a series dedicated to four fascinating pianists - their individual approaches, their fresh ideas and their music. Today in the focus: Boris Berezovsky, one of the most powerful Russian piano virtuosos. Works by Nikolai Medtner, Dafydd Llywelyn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Leopold Godowsky and Anatoly Liadov.

Boris Berezovsky (Klavier)
Video Director:
Jan Schmidt-Garre
Country, year of production:
D, 2007
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