Beethoven, Coriolan Overture, Op. 62

From the Vienna Musikverein

11.11.2017 | 12:00

At the request of the Austrian writer Heinrich Joseph von Collin, Beethoven composed an overture to Collin's tragedy in five acts Coriolanus (1802) in the spring of 1807. It was given its first performance in March 1807 in Prince Lobkowitz's palace in Vienna. Although Beethoven's music did not bring about the hoped-for stage revival of Collin's tragedy, the Overture made its breakthrough as an independent concert piece. This recording of the Coriolan Overture is part of the symphonic cycle "Beethoven9" with Christian Thielemann and the Vienna Philharmonic for Unitel.

Christian Thielemann
Wiener Philharmoniker
Video Director:
Brian Large
Country, year of production:
A, 2008
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