See and direct yourself

Turn your phone sideways

Choose among seven different camera angles and get a peek of Il Trovatore from several perspectives

Using the example of a scene recorded during the production of “Il Trovatore” at the Staatsoper im Schillertheater in Berlin we want to show you the staging from different camera perspectives. Take a peek behind the scenes and discover where the cameras were located during production and which shots resulted from the different camera angles.

Unitel Classica: Hear and See Music

50 years ago in 1966 Unitel was founded in Munich and went on to become the world’s leading producer of classical music programmes for film, television and video. Based on exclusive relationships with outstanding artists and  institutions like Herbert von Karajan, Leonard Bernstein, the Salzburg Festival and many others, the Unitel catalogue of more than 1500 titles presents some of the greatest achievements in the last half a century of classical music.
With their many years of experience Unitel knows exactly whether a long shot, the artist’s perspective or a close up is the optimal way of creating a perfect visual world in production. Watch the result of expert scene editing and camera direction in the below video clip containing the whole scene from “Il Trovatore”.